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How To Pay For Immigration Bonds


When you get THAT call from a loved one and they tell you they’ve been picked up by ICE, usually the first question that runs through your mind is “What do I do now?”  Then, of course the second question is “How do I get them home?” Paying for immigration bonds can be expensive, and many times families don’t have that amount of money just laying around.  That’s where United Immigration Bonds can help.  We’ll let you know what all of your payment options are  so you and your family can make your decision based on what’s best for your particular situation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the agency responsible for locating individuals who are in the United States illegally.  They are also responsible for taking individuals into custody once they’ve been identified and located.  Once detained, an individual will be interviewed by either a judge or other ICE official who will made the determination as to whether the detainee qualifies for an immigration bond. 

Paying Immigration Bail Bonds Options

The smallest amount for an immigration bail bond is $1500. But lately immigration bail bonds have been set much higher than the minimum amount. The price of the bond is set by the judge or ICE official, and is based, in part, on the detainee’s criminal history.  Once the bond amount is known, that’s when the family can go to work getting it paid, and getting their loved one released.

Same Day Release Is Possible

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Can Anyone Pay For Immigration Bail Bonds?

No.  It’s very important to understand that the person who goes to the ICE Field Office to pay the bond must be in the United States legally themselves.  Otherwise, there is a good chance they will be detained as well.  If you are considering paying the bond and you don’t have legal status, it may be best to have a family member or friend who has legal status to go to the ICE Field Office to pay the bond. 

What Are The Accepted Payment Methods For Posting Immigration Bonds?

Depends on how you get the bond posted.  If you are paying directly to an ICE Field Office, the payment will need to be in the form of an cashier’s check.  The field offices do not accept cash or personal checks. If you use an immigration bonds company you will have more payment options.  United Immigration Bonds accepts all major credit cards and we have payment plans that can help if needed.

Do I Need To Bring My I.D.?

Yes.  Whoever is making the payment will need to bring their valid ID, and in most instances they will need to have their actual Social Security card.  Most field offices will not accept a copy or a picture of the Social Security card.

What Time Do ICE Field Offices Close?

Depends.  You’ll need to check with whatever ICE Field Office you plan to use.  Many do not require appointments as long as you are there before 2:00 pm.  However, not all field office accept payments so you’ll definitely need to contact them to ensure you don’t waste your time.

What About Using An Immigration Bonds Company

That’s where United Immigration Bonds comes in. If all of this feels a bit overwhelming, our agents can assist you with getting the bond processed quickly and efficiently while removing a lot of the stress.

United Immigration Bonds can post your immigration bonds without you ever having to leave home.  We post bonds for every ICE detention center in the country and our agents have the experience to ensure your bond gets posted correctly and in a timely manner.


THE EASIEST WAY TO GET YOUR IMMIGRATION BOND POSTED is to use United Immigration Bonds.  We offer payment plans that can assist you in getting your loved one out of immigration detention and back home as quickly as possible.

We will post the bond and our expert agents will navigate the immigration bonding system so you don’t have to.  We save you time and hassle.

Our Payment Plans Have No Annual Fees & No Interest!

Most detainees will be eligible for a bond. But there are circumstances that may prohibit a detainee from getting an immigration bond.  If the detainee has also been charged with a serious criminal offence, or if they have been deemed a threat to society, or if they have had a previous deportation order, then it is possible the detainee will not receive a bond during their initial hearing. 

Not receiving a bond on the first hearing doesn’t necessarily mean the detainee can’t get a bond.  They will have to request an additional bond hearing – which could take several months due to the current backlog.

If a bond is granted, then the next course of action is to determine how to get the bond paid.  Immigration bonds are not much different than regular criminal bail bonds, in that they are used to guarantee the person being bonded out will appear at all requested hearings until their case is resolved.

Are There Requirements To Keep The Immigration Bond In Place?

Yes.  Once the bond has been posted, the detainee will be required to be present for all hearings.  It is the detainee’s responsibility, along with the cosigner to keep up with the hearing dates and be there on time.

This is also when the detainee will want to retain legal representation to ensure their paperwork is in order and make every effort to have a favorable outcome at the end of their hearings. 

The hearings can be a lengthy process, so we suggest everyone involved use this time to your best advantage.  If the detainee had previously started the residency procedures but didn’t finish, this is the time to complete that process. If the detainee had not started the process of gaining legal residency, this is the time to start.

Again, we can not stress enough the importance of obtaining qualified legal representation.

Call United Immigration Bonds Today – Our agents not only answer your questions, but we will help you get your bond posted quickly.  Call Now – 469-779-0101.

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