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Nationwide Immigration Bond Service

United Immigration Bonds, Immigration & Naturalization Consultants, Dallas, TX

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Immigration Bail Bonds are our specialty! United Immigration Bonds is the only immigration bonds specialists you need for posting immigration bonds at any ICE detention center in the US. We’ve been in the bonds industry for years in Texas. Our professional Immigration Bail Bonds Agents provide confidential, courteous, and most importantly, FAST processing of your bonds when you need it most. When you’re looking for a trustworthy company to assist you in getting your loved one back home, let United Immigration Bonds help alleviate the stress. Are you asking yourself where to find the best immigration bonds near me?  By landing here we think you are in luck!  We are a top rated bonding agency.  Contact us today – we can provide assistance in getting the answers you need.


If you have someone that has been detained by ICE – Immigration & Customs Enforcement – on the grounds of violating immigration laws or due to problems with their residency status, it is advisable that you secure their release by posting an immigration bond as quickly as possible.


Let our agents help relieve the stress of getting your loved one back home.  

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We Process Immigration Bail Bonds For Detainees From All Countries

No matter what country your friend or loved one is from, if they are being detained in a U.S. ICE detention center, and they have been granted a bond by the Department of Homeland Security, we can help you and your family with getting the bond posted.  We post immigration bail bonds for all immigration detention centers in the country.  Our agents have extensive experience working with ICE detention centers.  We have worked with the detention centers enough to know which ones will need that little ‘extra’ effort to ensure their bonds go through without a hitch.

Types Of Immigration Bonds

There are four types of immigration bonds issued in the United States.  But the two that are the most common are the Delivery Bond and the Voluntary Departure Bond.

Easy Payment Plans

Don’t have all the cash to post the immigration bond yourself?  Let United Immigration Bonds help.  We know trying to come up with money to post immigration bail bonds can be a problem.  That’s why we have multiple payment options to help you in your time of need.  

Call now and let one of our friendly agents explain our convenient payment options.  We’ll help you find the one that is best for your situation and budget.  If you need to pay with a payment plan, we can certainly help.  No property – no problem.  We have No Hassle plans that can get your loved one back home TODAY!*

How Do Immigration Bonds Work?

When someone is detained due to issues with their residency status, they are taken to one of the many Immigration & Customs Enforcement detention centers around the country.  They may be detained because they came into the country illegally or they may be detained because they previously had legal residency status but for some reason that status changed.

The change could be due to something as simple as not getting a required form submitted in a timely manner.  Whatever the reason, being detained can be extremely stressful.

Immigration bonds are a type of insurance used to allow a detainee to be released with the bond acting as the guarantee that the detainee will appear for any requested hearings regarding their residency status.

Is Everyone Eligible For An Immigration Bond?

Every person who is detained is not automatically eligible for an immigration bond.  To qualify for an immigration bond, a detainee must meet certain criteria.

  • The detainee can not apply for a bond at a port of entry
  • A detainee is not eligible for a bond under these circumstances
  • Convicted of drug trafficking offense 
  • Convicted of terrorist activities
  • Convicted of human trafficking 
  • Convicted of other serious crimes

If a bond is granted by ICE, then it is in the best interest of the detainee to get the bond posted as quickly as possible.  There are many instances where bonds that were not posted in a timely manner were later revoked – taken away, without a new bond being granted.

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Immigration Bail Bonds
This company was so helpful for us. They really made the process easy. United really took care of me and my family. I recommend them to everyone.
Angelica C.
We searched online to find the best company. I was worry about trusting a company to do immigration bonds, but they were honest and gave us a payment plan.
Ramon V.

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