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Immigration Bonds in Colorado

Are you in need of immigration bonds in Colorado? Do you have a friend or family member being held by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement(ICE)? Being detained by Department of Homeland Security due to residency issues is very stressful. Most people being detained immediately start to wonder if they will be deported and how that separation will affect them and their families. United Immigration Bonds helps families just like your everyday to get their loved ones back home.


Understanding How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

When a person is arrested on an immigration violation, they will be seen by an immigration judge or other official to determine if they are eligible to have a bond set. If a bond is set, the immigration judge determines the amount of the bond.


The immigration official takes the detainee’s person history into consideration when determining whether an immigration bail bond will be set and what that amount will be. Some on the items taken into consideration include (but are not limited to):

  • The detainee’s past criminal history
  • Their employment status
  • Family they may have in the U.S.
  • Legal history (whether or not they have applied for residency or not)
  • Current immigration status

Many people don’t know that immigration bonds are available to help get their family members and other loved ones out of immigration detention. That’s where United Immigration Bonds in Colorado can help. We can assist your family with posting immigration bonds in Colorado and around the U.S.


What Are The Requirements For Posting Immigration Bonds?

The ICE official presiding over the bond hearing will check the detainee’s criminal history. But having a previous criminal charge doesn’t automatically disqualify a detainee from being granted an immigration bond, but it could make the amount of the bond significantly higher if the detainee does have a criminal record. The type of criminal charges are also taken into consideration. Of course, the more serious the charge, the more it may restrict the detainee’s ability to have an immigration bail bond set. All of this is up to the ICE official’s discretion.


The detainee will also need to have a permanent address. That address should be supplied to DHS and ICE so there is a physical address to mail hearing notifications to, and so they can be easily reached if needed.


Immigration officials may occasionally check the detainee’s address to ensure it is still valid. If detainees have been in compliance with the court’s requirements, they do not need to be concerned about any occasional address checks.


Detainees who were arrested at any port of entry into the United States will not be eligible for immigration bail bonds. Whenever an illegal immigrant is detained at a port of entry or detained while trying to enter the country illegally (newly arriving aliens), they will be disqualified from being eligible to receive immigration bonds.


How Much Are Immigration Bail Bonds?

Immigration bond amounts vary quite a bit so there is no way for a bonding company to determine what someone’s bond might be. It is solely at the immigration officer or immigration judge’s discretion. The officials will take several things into consideration before determining the amount of the bond or whether or not a bond will be allowed.


If the detainee has a clean criminal record and solid ties to the community then there is a good chance the bond may be around the $3000 to $5000 range. If the detainee has a prior criminal history or was arrested for criminal charges that then led to an ICE hold, then the bond amount will most likely be higher, provided a bond is awarded at all. If there are any serious criminal charges or the detainee is a repeat offender, then most likely no bond will be allowed. United Immigration Bonds knows that some of this information may be stressful for families. That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure if a detainee has an immigration bond, we work hard to get it posted as quickly as possible.


Immigration Detention Centers in Colorado

Aurora Contract Detention Facility

Denver Field Office – Aurora
3130 N. Oakland St
Aurora, CO 80010

Click here for map.


Teller County Detention Center
En Español

Denver Field Office – Divide
288 County Road 29
Divide, CO 80814

Click here for map

El Paso County Criminal Justice Center
En Español

Denver Field Office – Colorado Springs
2739 E. Las Vegas St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Click here for map


United Immigration Bonds strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding immigration bonds and the immigration bonds process. Contact us today at 469-779-0101. Our agents are standing by and we’re ready to help!

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