Immigration Bonds in Texas


Need Texas immigration bonds?  Our agents at United Immigration Bonds are specialists at reuniting families.  When immigration bonds are processed early in the day most detainees are RELEASED THE SAME DAY!

Immigration Bonds in Texas

Is your loved one or friend being held by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? Being detained by the Department of Homeland Securitycan be very stressful when your legal status is in question.  Obviously, many detainees immediately start to worry about the possibility of being deported and being separated from their families.

If your family member or friend has been detained and you are trying to find out which ICE detention center they have been taken to, you can click here for the ICE Detainee Locator.


Understanding How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

Immigration bail bonds are similar to county bail bonds in that they are used as a guarantee that the individual being released will show up for all required court hearings.  When a person gets arrested for an immigration violation, ICE has the choice of releasing the defendant or detaining the defendant, depending on the particular circumstances around the individual’s status. When ICE chooses to detain the defendant, that defendant will need to see an immigration judge or some other official to determine if they are eligible for an immigration bond. If immigration bonds are set, the immigration judge will determine the amount.

The detainee’s person history is taken into consideration by the judge when determining whether an immigration bail bond will be set and what that amount will be. Some of the items taken into consideration include (but are not limited to):

  • Criminal history
  • Employment
  • Family in the U.S.
  • Legal history
  • Immigration status
  • Whether or not an immigration bond was granted in the past

Did you know that most detainees are eligible for immigration bonds?  What many people may not be aware of is that immigration bonds are available to help them get their family members and other loved ones out of immigration detention. That’s where United Immigration Bonds can help. We can assist your family with posting immigration bonds in Texas and any detention center around the U.S.

What Are The Requirements For Posting Immigration Bonds?

The ICE official will check to see if the detainee has a prior criminal record. Having previous criminal charges does not automatically disqualify a detainee from receiving an immigration bond, but the amount of the bond could be significantly higher if a past criminal record does exist. The nature of the criminal charges are also taken into consideration. Naturally, more serious charges may impact the detainee’s ability to have an immigration bail bond set. All of which is up to the judge’s discretion.

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Detainees will also need to have a permanent home address. The address needs to be supplied to DHS and ICE so there is a physical address to mail all notifications to.  If the address changes, the change needs to be sent to ICE in a timely manner and so they can be easily reached if needed.

Immigration officials may occasionally verify the address provided by the detainee to ensure it is still valid. Detainees should not be concerned about these occasional address verifications as long as they have been in compliance with all court and bond requirements.

If the detainee was arrested at any port of entry, they may not be eligible for an immigration bail bond. Whenever an illegal immigrant is detained at a port of entry or detained while trying to enter the country illegally (newly arriving aliens), they could be disqualified from being eligible to receive immigration bonds.

Once the bond is set, it will most likely be one of the bond types listed below:

Delivery Bond – this type of bond is conditioned on the delivery of the detainee/alien.  This is the most common bond issued in immigration matters. The Delivery Bond allows the detainee to be released from ICE custody with the condition that the co-signer/obligor will be responsible for ensuring the alien appears up for all hearings as specified in any appearance notices until all hearings have been completed.

The co-signer’s obligation stays in place until a determination on the alien’s case has been reached.   If the determination includes deportation/removal, the co-signer is responsible for ensuring the alien is remanded to DHS for removal. If the co-signer does not comply, then the full amount of the bond becomes due and payable.

Voluntary Departure Bond – this is another common bond issued in many immigration hearings. The Departure bond allows the detainee to be released on the condition that the detainee’s obligor/co-signer will be responsible for ensuring the detainee will depart the United States on or before the specified date shown in the order granting voluntary departure. The obligor will need to provide documented proof of the departure within 30 days of the departing date specified in the order.

Once the documented proof has been provided or the alien has been physically accepted at the Department of Homeland Security for detention or deportation/removal, then the co-signer’s obligation will terminate. If neither of these conditions are met, the bond amount specified in the bond will become due and payable.

If you have family, a friend or other loved one in the ICE custody, and they’ve been issued an immigration bond, you’ve come to the right place. We are a knowledgeable and trusted immigration bail bonds company that specializes in providing immigration bonds to people being held at immigration detention centers all over the United States.

Our agents are very familiar with the immigration bonding process necessary to properly secure the release from detention with either delivery bonds or voluntary departure bonds.


How Much Do Immigration Bonds Cost?

Immigration bond amounts can vary quite a bit so there is no way for a bonding company to determine what someone’s bond might be. It is solely at the discretion of the immigration officer or immigration judge. There are things the officials will take into consideration before determining the amount of the bond or eve if a bond will be allowed.


Who Picks Up Your Loved One From The Detention Center

The immigration detention centers do not provide transportation for the detainees back to the city they were originally arrested in, so once the bond has been posted, either a friend or family member will need to go to the detention center to pick up the detainee. Just a reminder that when going to the detention center to pick up your loved one, may of the detention centers will check the ID’s of everyone in the vehicle, and they may also search your vehicle.

If you aren’t able to pick the detainee up, then transportation arrangements will need to be made at the time the bond is posted. That means that either an airline ticket, train or a bus ticket will have to be purchased and the ticket number has to be sent in with the bond for verification.

If using one of these methods, transportation from the detention center to the station will need to be arranged as well, as the detention center will not provide that transportation, and they will not release the detainee if no transportation has been arranged.

Note: Information on this page is NOT to be considered legal advice. Always discuss any immigration concerns with a qualified attorney of your choice.

ICE Detention Centers Located in Texas

U.S. Immigrations & Customs
702 E. Broadway St.
Eden, TX 76837

Bluebonnet Detention Center
400 2nd Street
Anson, TX, 79501
Brooks County Detention Center
901 County Road 201
Falfurrias, TX, 78355

Burnet County Jail

Central Texas Detention Facility (GEO)

East Hidalgo Detention Center

Eden Detention Center

El Paso Processing Center

El Valle Detention Facility

Federal Satellite Low La Tuna

Henderson County Detention Center

Houston Contract Detention Facility

IAH Secure Adult Detention Facility

Jack Harwell Detention Center

Joe Corley Detention Facility

Johnson County Detention Center

Karnes County Correctional Center

Karnes County Correctional Center (Karnes County Civil Detention Center)

Karnes County Residential Center

La Salle County Regional Detention Center

Laredo Detention Center

Montgomery Processing Center

Port Isabel Service Processing Center

Prairieland Detention Center (PDC)

Rio Grande Detention Center

Rolling Plains Correctional Facility

South Texas Family Residential Center

South Texas ICE Processing Center

Don Hutto Residential Center

Val Verde County Detention Center

Webb County Detention Center

West Texas Detention Facility

Willacy County Regional Detention Facility




Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Houston (Conroe)

Montgomery Processing Center

806 Hilbig Road Suite 2-201

Conroe, TX, 77301

Phone: (936) 520-5870


Enforcement & Removal Operations
Dallas Field Office
8101 N. Stemmons Frwy

Dallas, TX, 75247

Phone: (214) 424-7800

Area of Responsibility: North Texas, Oklahoma


Office of Community Engagement
Dallas – Community Relations Officer
8101 N. Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, TX, 75247

Phone: (214) 424-7834

Area of Responsibility: North Texas and Oklahoma



Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, San Antonio (Dilley)

South Texas Family Residential Center

300 El Rancho Way

Dilley, TX, 78017

Phone: (830) 378-6500


El Paso:

Enforcement & Removal Operations
El Paso Field Office
11541 Montana Ave Suite E

El Paso, TX, 79936

Phone: (915) 225-1901/1941

Area of Responsibility: West Texas, New Mexico


Office of Community Engagement
El Paso – Community Relations Officer
11541 Montana Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79925

Phone: (915) 856-5595

Area of Responsibility: West Texas and New Mexico

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, El Paso
11541 Montana Avenue, Suite O

El Paso, TX, 79936

Phone: (915) 856-2316

Area of Responsibility: West Texas and New Mexico

Homeland Security Investigations
SAC El Paso
11541 Montana Avenue Suite H

El Paso, TX, 79912

Phone: (915) 856-2315
Fax: (915) 857-6083



Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, San Antonio (Harlingen)
1717 Zoy Street

Harlingen, TX, 78552

Phone: (956) 389-7051



Homeland Security Investigations
SAC Houston
4141 N. Sam Houston Parkway East #300

Houston, TX, 77032

Phone: (281) 985-0500
Fax: (281) 985-0505

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Houston
126 Northpoint Drive, Room 2020

Houston, TX, 77060

Phone: (281) 931-2046

Area of Responsibility: Southeast Texas

Office of Community Engagement
Houston – Community Relations Officer
4141 N. Sam Houston Parkway East #300

Houston, TX, 77032

Phone: (281) 774-4917

Area of Responsibility: Houston and Gulf Coast to include Beaumont to Galveston and Corpus Christi, Texas

Enforcement & Removal Operations
Houston Field Office
126 Northpoint Drive

Houston, TX, 77060

Phone: (281) 774-4816

Area of Responsibility: Southeast Texas




Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Dallas
125 E. John Carpenter Fwy., Suite 500

Irving, TX, 75062

Phone: (972) 373-2300

Area of Responsibility: North Texas and Oklahoma

Homeland Security Investigations
SAC Dallas
125 E. John Carpenter Freeway Suite 800

Irving, TX, 75062

Phone: (972) 444-7300
Fax: (972) 444-7461


Los Fresnos:

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, San Antonio (Los Fresnos)

Port Isabel Detention Center

27991 Buena Vista Blvd

Los Fresnos, TX, 78566

Phone: (956) 547-1700



Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, San Antonio (Pearsall)

South Texas Detention Complex

566 Veterans Drive

Pearsall, TX, 78061

Phone: (210) 231-4630


San Antonio:

Office of Community Engagement
San Antonio – Community Relations Officer
1777 NE Loop 410, Floor 15

San Antonio, TX, 78217

Phone: (210) 283-4711

Area of Responsibility: San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Rio Grande Valley, Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Laredo Texas

Homeland Security Investigations
SAC San Antonio
1015 Jackson Keller Road Suite 200

San Antonio, TX, 78213

Phone: (210) 321-2800
Fax: (210) 979-4643

Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, San Antonio
1015 Jackson-Keller Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, TX, 78213

Phone: (210) 979-4600

Area of Responsibility: Central and South Texas

Enforcement & Removal Operations
San Antonio Field Office
1777 NE Loop 410 Floor 15

San Antonio, TX, 78217

Phone: (210) 283-4750

Area of Responsibility: Central South Texas


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